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Digital Electronic Scales

Executive Summary By Nicole Roberts

Tonysystem, - Accuracy : Perhaps the greatest benefit that digital electronic scales have over analog scales is their increased accuracy. This makes digital electronic scales the scales of choice in laboratories and other places where even the most minute particle can make a difference. Of course, accuracy just isn't limited to weighing those "specks", digital scales also are more accurate at showing overall weight.

Less Human Error : Digital scales also make for less human error when reading the scales. While analog lines use lines to mark off increments of weights, digital scales always show digits. Digital electronic scales also have the benefit of being able to distribute the information of the scale to various people and locations faster than analog scales.

How to Choose a Digital Signature Solution

Executive Summary By Olga Pulisman

There are 6 simple points to consider when choosing a Digital Signature Solution (standard electronic signature) for your organization. To ensure a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a speedy Return on Investment (ROI) from your Digital Signature solution, read on.

1. Seals Documents - This is the basic building block of a true digital signature solution. Tip: Only digital signatures based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology can truly seal a document.

2. Multiple Application Support - Many digital signature solutions support only PDF and Word applications, which may be sufficient support for some. Tip: Make sure the applications you intend to sign in your organization are supported by the solution you choose.

3. Graphical Signatures - Of the standard applications that have digital signature capacity, almost all lack graphical signature support. Graphical signatures ensure the signature is visually noticeable, and have a psychological impact: the signer is reassured they have signed the document and that it is legally compliant.

Tip: Occasionally, different graphical signatures are required (e.g., initials, full signature).

4. Multiple Signatures - Many digital signature solutions do not allow altering the document once a signature is applied.

Tip: If your company requires several people to digitally sign a document, ensure that your solution offers this feature.

IT staff can find themselves spending weeks every year managing the selected digital signature solution. Costs can skyrocket.

5. Seamless User Registration - Implementing your digital signature solution must be as simple as possible. Tip: It should take a single click to ensure your document is sealed and legally compliant.

6. Total Cost of Ownership - Not everyone considers TCO when purchasing a digital signature solution.

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