The data on the position of the last treasure

Cell phones, people gather to celebrate just the tip of the iceberg: the car manufacturers, insurance companies, and even shopping centers are developing new ways to experiment with the use of these data. Information on the position of the range of monitoring activities in the sector start-ups created on the basis of the people. Some companies use the data to build a better sound card, or traffic analysis. Other users posting service announcements in the region where they are. Some insurers hope to use the data to give a discount for a better driver.

On Tuesday in Washington, DC, the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing of the Commission to consider whether the federal law is necessary to protect the privacy of consumers on mobile devices. Hearing has been requested by public outrage about the new collection of Apple Inc. and Google Inc., the data by position, iPhone and Android. Both companies are to testify.

In March, the researchers found that the iPhone will apply to Wi-Fi networks nearby radio towers, dating back months. The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple's iPhone, and the data were collected, even when the user is that of location-based services and the Android phones to exchange information on Google several times an hour, even if the site application are not used.

There is currently no comprehensive federal law that the personal data, including the location of common use or sale of trade protection. Journal in December of last year, know that the number of 47,101 applications sent to the most popular smartphone, the location information of other companies. The use of this wealth of sensitive data is controversial. Last month, he apologized to TomTom NV, a maker of navigation devices for cars, equipment sales, data from the Dutch government, which means that the radar.

; Not provide this kind of service, said Harold Goddijn CEO of TomTom. He said the company does not know a thing [our] customers, and measures to address this type of use in the near future to stop;. Insurance Run type, location and other data that you agree to the driver. Italy SpA Octo Telematics is a technology that more than 1.2 million cars in Europe, to return aggregate data installed in the car can accelerate, and other driveability, Nino Tarantino, Octo-Leader said that in North America.

Some insurers offer discounts for drivers who agree to install the Octo. Other drivers can not use the technology for roadside assistance or go to your car in case of theft. Tarantino said in a real-time location tracking is that in case of theft or emergency. In other cases, it is conceived as a way of showing that the car hit the street number, for example. This month, Octo entered the U.S. market, signing in Seattle, Safeco Insurance, a member of Liberty Mutual Group, first as a customer. Even the shopping malls and retailers will start to play in the position

Path Intelligence Ltd. UK has launched a unique identifier, as part of regular communication between the buyer and make mobile phones and network operators and uses the information to the routes of its stores and shopping malls. The company was founded in 2007 and since then has grown as the U.S. does not identify individual users, but the bars to provide information on trade statistics on the number of people who buy into several sections. They have walked through the collection of anonymous number to be transferred to open when the phone connection is available ping.

Our motto is, like Google Analytics to the online world, co-founder, said Sharon Biggar. The importance of local data has increased over the past five years, other devices such as smart phones and cars with Global Positioning System technology to identify and to be embedded in another place. And the location capabilities of mobile phones are required to comply with the Federal Communications Commission in order to improve services 911. In autumn 2012, the mobile network, the majority of 911 calls to find at least 100 meters.

Apple and Google collects data on the positions based on a database of local Wi-Fi hotspot that mobile phones to help their country without a Global Positioning System, GPS, or improve. Google also uses the data to provide traffic information on Google Maps, and Apple has announced it is working on the same product. Apple Software Update, as a storage device and the limitations of published data says that Google collects information, such as when the agreement is to configure the user's phone. Apple and Google argue that these data are not linked to specific users.

Other companies come together for similar purposes. Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless, for example, data from mobile phones to send AirSage Inc., a company that provides traffic information. Sprint's products are used in the treatment of data must be used AirSage Verizon, but has not yet been released, the company said. The company said the information is anonymous and aggregated.

AirSage says that provides traffic information in real time and historical data to support transportation services to determine where to build roads and retailers decide where it is stored or advertising can help build. Cars equipped with the technology is comparable. Car makers are rushing to the vehicle, the right to help people in road conditions and can provide relief from the eyes, among others.

car maker BMW AG plans to collect data for navigation systems installed in cars to reduce traffic in real time to offer. We call this database the probe, said Tom Balog, vice president of engineering at BMW in the U.S., is anonymous. We see that the vehicle on the road at that speed, the system of coordinates, we can calculate that it is not possible. The collection of data on the location of mobile devices is also beneficial for law enforcement.

U.S. Marshals Service, for example, service providers routinely ask for phones to help them understand the information on the location of wireless telecommunications tower in the investigation, in accordance with the Directive in 2010. used to eliminate the need to justify the GPS coordinates to a specific phone, but data on the location of cellular towers is not responsible if your phone is connected to ongoing investigations. , Location information is a priority for refugees and violent crimes from many sources, including mobile phones, said Donahue received prison Lynzey, Marshals Service spokesman.