10 Prediction of Tablet Sony Will Success

After awaited by his fans around the world, Sony finally announced two tablets flagship product, S1 and S2. Although a bit late from its competitors, but this did not make the tablets can Sony underestimated. Analysts predict that the tablet from Sony is the one that will ultimately be able to compete with the iPad.There are at least 10 reasons why Sony's tablet will be a success:

1. Futuristic designiPad 2 when this is the best-designed tablet. But Sony S1 with a unique design and S2 with its two screens would invite click amazed all who saw it. Moreover, Sony's product line has always feature an elegant design.
2. Honeycomb will be betterHoneycomb-based tablets is currently no better than that offered by IOS on the iPad 2. Very little was the number of applications and performance issues to some extent reduce this Android tablet enthusiasts. At the time of S1 and S2 was launched later, Google would have to improve and prepare Honeycomb better.

3. Sony big namesSony is a big name that has long been crisscrossing the world in the field of electronics. Obviously this has become a guarantee for consumers to trust the tablets made by Sony.

4. The screen size is fitTablet Sony comes with two different products, with one screen 9.4 S1 'and S2 with two screens each 5.5 ". Steve Jobs has issued a statement that the tablet 7 "is not attractive and will be Dead on Arrival (DOA). It seems Sony really understand the purpose of Steve Jobs and make tablets 9.4 "that fits for multimedia and gaming activities in the form of S1. While S2 is ideal for those who need a tablet for a eBook reader.

5. Two screens in one productTwo-screen technology like this is not a new item, ask it on Nintendo. What makes Sony S2 will be popular is the fact that many users of its tablets using a tablet for reading eBooks or digital magazine or newspaper content. Two screens will certainly bring the sensation of reading the better it is similar to physical media.

6. 4G Technology4G is not yet a consumer meal in Indonesia, but out there 4G offers speeds that are not derived from the 3G standard. Sony offers access via WiFi and 3G data on his tablet, but also promising 4G data access. With its 3G still iPad 2 when this is clearly a value-added 4G is not yet owned by his competitors had.

7. The exact launch timeSony learned from the mistakes Motorola Xoom who slid too fast and immature side software. Launched in late February, news of Xoom never again be heard especially since the two launched by Apple iPad. Sony preparing to launch S1 and S2 with better and will release it in late Q3.

8. QriocityApple has iTunes, then Sony will go forward with Qriocity. S1 and S2 owners will have access to music and video content from Qriocity. Of course later on they can access digital content owned by Sony Music and Sony Pictures along with the content owned by other companies.

9. Playstation SuiteSony has confirmed that its two tablets will be equipped with a Playstation Suite to bring the skills and experience better game play. Of course this will be added value in addition to those games for Honeycomb later.

10. Android MarketNot as much as Apple's App Store, but S1 and S2 will have access to the Android Market for downloading thousands of applications and games. Moreover, applications and games are already optimized for the tablet is more predictable at the launch of Sony's future tablets.