MAX515 5V, Low-Power, Voltage-Output, Serial, 10-Bit DACs

The MAX504/MAX515 are low-power, voltage-output, 10-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) specified for single +5V power-supply operation. the MAX504 can also be operated with ±5V supplies. The MAX515 draws only 140µA, and the MAX504 (with internal reference) draws only 260µA. The MAX515 comes in 8-pin DIP and SO packages, while the MAX504 comes in 14-pin DIP and SO packages. Both parts have been trimmed for offset voltage, gain, and linearity, so no further adjustment is necessary.
The MAX515’s buffer is fixed at a gain of 2. The MAX504’s internal op amp may be configured for a gain of 1 or 2, as well as for unipolar or bipolar output voltages. The MAX504 can also be used as a four-quadrant multiplier without external resistors or op amps. For parallel data inputs, see the MAX503 data sheet. For a hardware and software compatible 12-bit upgrade, refer to the MAX531/MAX538/MAX539 data sheet.
» Audio Systems
» Battery-Operated/Remote Industrial Controls
» Battery-Powered Test Instruments
» Digital Gain and Offset Control
» Machine- and Motion-Control Devices

Download free datasheet: MAX515 5V, Low-Power, Voltage-Output, Serial, 10-Bit DACs

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