LM49155 Uplink Noise Suppression & Downlink SNR Enhancement Analog Audio Subsystem

Noise cancellation for uplink and downlink without DSP-type artifacts, distortions or delays
Adapting AGC on ambient noise level & downlink signal strength for earpiece
Downlink adjustable noise-reducing high pass filter
E 2S Class D Amplifier with ALC
Ground Referenced Headphone Outputs with Advanced Click Pop Suppression
Micro-power shutdown


The LM49155 is a fully integrated audio subsystem designed for portable handheld applications such as cellular phones. The LM49155 combines a Noise Suppression microphone amplifier, a 1.35W mono class D amplifier with ALC, class AB earpiece driver with AGC, a high efficiency, stereo, ground referenced headphone amplifier with click pop suppression and I 2C modes select and volume control.
The LM49155 features analog fully differential input, and differential output microphone amplifier designed to reduce background acoustic noise, while delivering superb speech clarity in voice communication applications. Downlink SNR enhancement with an advanced acoustic AGC technology to adjust output levels.
The LM49155 speaker amplifier features National’s unique output limiter that provides both a no-clip feature and speaker protection. The E 2S class D amplifier features a patented, ultra low EMI PWM architecture that significantly reduces RF emissions while preserving audio quality and efficiency. The headphone drivers feature National’s ground referenced architecture that creates a ground-referenced output from a single, low-voltage supply.

Mobile Phones
Portable Electronic Devices

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