Simple Electronic Lock Project

There are six (or more) advance switches. To 'unlock' you charge columnist all the actual ones at the aforementioned time, but not columnist any of the abolish switches. Pressing aloof one abolish about-face will anticipate the ambit unlocking. Back the ambit unlocks it absolutely aloof turns on an LED for about one second, but it is advised to be acclimatized to about-face on a broadcast which could be acclimated to about-face on addition circuit.

Please Note: This ambit aloof turns on an LED for about one additional back the actual switches are pressed. It does not absolutely lock or alleviate anything!

This activity uses a 555 monostable circuit.
Simple Electronic Lock Project
Parts Required

resistors: 470, 100k ×2, 1M

capacitors: 0.1µF, 1µF 16V radial

red LED

555 timer IC

8-pin DIL atrium for IC

on/off switch

push-switch ×6 (or more)

battery blow for 9V PP3

stripboard 12 rows × 25 holes