Rangkaian delay speaker amplifier-Audio amplifier output relay delay

you can get the advantage by using this circuit it that: if there is a relationship fuse x speakers with amplifier circuit will be disconnected immediately, so that the speaker is safe from disaster.waktu waiting or delay time is approximately 5 seconds, and can be altered by changing capacitor C2 elco with more value small. The time needed to re-open relay if the current cut off about 0.5 secondscomponent tobuilt this : C1 100 uF 40V electrolytic C2 100 uF 40V electrolytic D1 1N4007 D2 1N4148 Q1 BC547 R1 33 kohm 0.25W R2 2.2 kohm 0.25W RELAY 24V DC relay, coil resistance >300 ohm