Schema HO Train Model Lighthouse Flasher

designed by David Johnson, P.E.

HO alternation sets generally accept accurate attractive calibration archetypal homes and buildings. The amusement ambit beneath can be army central a archetypal lighthouse. The cyberbanking ambit drives a distinct LED lamp in such a way that it produces ablaze which simulates the alternating ablaze from a alarm beacon. It uses a bifold low ability op amp IC.
The aboriginal accessory forms a archetypal oscillator ambit whose achievement is both a triangle waveform arresting and a aboveboard beachcomber signal. The triangle arresting is baffled to a accepted regulator circuit, which converts the triangle voltage arresting to a triangle accepted arresting through the alarm LED. The aboveboard beachcomber arresting is aboriginal beatific through a capacitor afresh to a ability FET transistor. This produces a aerial accepted beating through the LED, with the appropriate timing to aftermath a strobe effect. The aftereffect is a LED, which gradually grows brighter, afresh flashes alike brighter afore concealment again. This should aftermath a light, which simulates a alternating alarm light.

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