Schematic Tube Power amplifier 6v6 watt

This circuit is similar to the 6V6 Amp except that it has two channels. It puts out about 10 watts into 8, 4, or 2 ohms. Tubes used are 6SN7, 6V6, and 5U4. Negative feedback is taken off the output transformer's secondary.


Tube circuitry uses lethal amounts of current at high voltages. Be extremely careful when constructing any types of tube circuitry. Here are some tips for building circuits safely:

When testing circuits, do not stand on metal or anything grounded.

When measuring voltages in the circuit, use only one hand.

Never work on a circuit while it is plugged in.

Discharge filter capacitors through a resistor after turning off the circuit.

Wait for tubes to cool before handling or removing.

Use common sense and don't do anything stupid.

Note: I am not responsible for injury or death as a result of carelessness in the construction of the circuits on this site.

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