yamaha tyros 3

yamaha tyros 3

The new Yamaha Tyros 3 Arranger Workstation is designed to provide you with all the sounds, styles, and features you need to perform your music. The Tyros3 utilizes the latest technological advances from Yamaha like Super Articulation 2, studio quality reverb, performance enhancing control sliders and TFT VGA screen.

Since the original Tyros was launched in 2002 Yamaha has been at the forefront of the high end keyboard market. The launch of this new musical keyboard is guaranteed to maintain its position as the market leader and most exciting keyboard instrument available.

The most unchanged aspect of the instrument is its overall appearance. Yamaha wanted to maintain the family look, but, more importantly, maintain the operating system so owners of both the original Tyros and Tyros2 would instantly feel at home with this new electronic keyboard. However, there are a number of important changes to the panel, the most obvious of which is the addition of 9 sliders positioned beneath the LCD screen. These sliders effect a number of different functions, depending on the feature selected, but for lovers of organ sounds, their most important function is to change the organ footages, in a similar way to traditional ‘drawbar’ based instruments. This makes changing voices ‘on the fly’ very easy.

The Tyros 3 is a musical instrument – so sound quality is all important, and Tyros3 takes the listeners sonic experience to new heights. One of the key contributors to this is the brand new Super Articulation2 voices. Super Articulation was first introduced on the Tyros2, adding many detailed musical nuances to the orchestral sounds. This has been taken to new heights with Super Articulation2.

Each Super Articulation2 sound features a vast selection of supporting samples to the main ‘voice’ sample. Depending on how you play (or if you use the new Art1 and Art2 buttons) the keyboard automatically selects one of these ‘supporting’ samples to add incredible level of realism. Any of the Super Articualtion2 voices can glissando, bend and articulate, just like the real thing. However each voice responds differently, like the individual instrument. Frankly you need to hear it to believe it! This is only the beginning. There is a host of new sounds across every voice section of the instrument. This includes a brand new Piano voice (taken directly from a Clavinova CVP range) and a complete new organ section, with new Theatre and Jazz organ voicing and a range of new effects.

The accompaniment section has been greatly extended, offer a total of 450 styles. Any styles that have been carried over from Tyros2 have been upgraded, and many have new Intros and Endings, creating a total new musical feel.

Tyros 3 comes complete with 80GB hard drive, allowing a massive amount of storage space for registrations, additional styles/voices or recordings. The LCD screen uses TFT technology, making it vibrant and clear, and can be seen clearly from just about any angle. A new ‘sync start’ function ensures perfect timing when engaging a multipad, while the built in LAN port allows easy connection for those using the unique Yamaha Internet Direct Connection feature.

Newly Added features Compared to Tyros 2

11 SA2 (Super Articulation 2) Voices created with AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) technology

Enhanced Piano, Guitar, Drum Voices, etc. and Synth Voices inherited from flagship MOTIF synthesizer

2 track hard disk audio recording, hard drive included and studio quality reverb

Performance enhancing Control Sliders

New TFT screen is visible from any angle

Guitar accompaniment algorithm for realistic guitar chord sounds

Other Important Features:

Super Articulation 2 for genuine Voice reproduction

128 note polyphony

Dedicated Style DSP and realistic guitar accompaniment algorithm

New TFT VGA screen and performance enhancing Control Sliders

New 3-Layer Piano Voice, Guitars, Drums and Motif synth sounds

Lan Port Internet Direct Connect (IDC) for on-line, on demand music

RGB/Video out - connect to a computer monitor or display device

USB To DEVICE & USB MIDI: storage devices, 32 MIDI Channels

One Touch Setting and Music Finder: instant professional sounds

Download new, high-quality voices (fees apply)

Included Accessories:

AC power cord

Music rest and brackets


Owner’s Manual

Installation Guide

User Registration Card

Dimensions: 44.9 x 17.7 x 5.6 inches

Weight 33 pounds